The Right Honourable President’s Message on the Occasion of New Year 2078 BS

On the happy occasion of New Year 2078 BS, I would like to express good wishes for well being, peace, prosperity, and good health to all Nepali brothers and sisters residing at home and abroad. We welcome every new year as an occasion to evaluate our past actions and articulate our future aspirations.

The year 2077 BS may be taken as a fruitful one in terms of political, social, and economic development. The unanimity of all political parties for amending the constitution to change the emblem of Nepal incorporating the new political map consisting of the country’s Kalapani, Lipulek, and Limpiyadhura territories and bringing some armed rebel groups into the peaceful political mainstream were significant achievements of the last year.

Besides, the UN’s recommendation for graduating Nepal as a developing country from the category of the least developing countries (LDCs), the listing of Nepal as the happiest country in South Asia in the World Happiness Report 2021, comparative low mortality in COVID-19 pandemic because of the government’s effective response strategies, and the timely beginning of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 were positive achievements in the last year. However, the COVID-19 continues to challenge us. The vaccine against COVID-19 will be gradually available to all citizens. I would like to appeal to everyone to continue their daily activities by adopting precautionary measures to protect themselves from the coronavirus infection.

Similarly, the reconstruction of historical monuments including Ranipokhari and Durbar High School and the start of operation of water supply in Kathmandu by the long-awaited Melamchi Water Supply Project may be taken as significant socio-economic achievements of 2077 BS.

The river of time flows eternally. Nobody can stop its flow. The nations that made maximum utilization of invaluable time have been enjoying socio-economic prosperity. We also need to move intensively on the way of development by recognizing the importance of time. Therefore, while welcoming the arrival of the New Year, I believe that we need to make the best use of every passing moment.
After historical political changes, our country has been moving towards socio-economic progress with emphasis on infrastructure and human resource development. Expediting the pace of progress in tune with the aspirations of people should be our national aim. Therefore, I think, it is not the time to remain complacent with the present level of progress rather move ahead actively by participating in the campaign of prosperity launched by the Government of Nepal.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my best wishes that may this new year inspire all the concerned to move ahead with the high priority to the issues like education as the foundation of all foundations, agriculture and water resources as the backbone of the economy, industrial development as the foundation for the socialism-oriented economy, and environmental conservation as a standard of sustainable economic development.

Thank you.

Wednesday 14 April 2021 (1 Baishakh 2078 BS)