The Right Honourable President’s Message on Republic Day 2021

Republic Day 2021 Message

On the occasion of the 14th Republic Day, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the Nepali brothers and sisters living at home and abroad and wish them happiness, peace and prosperity. I would also like to pay heartfelt tribute to those immortal martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for the establishment of a democratic republic. Expressing respects to senior leaders of political parties who led the movements at different times to establish the republican system, I would like to highly appreciate the contribution made by the participating political activists, civil society leaders and the common people in the movement.

We have been celebrating Jestha 15 as Republic Day every year to commemorate the historical day of the declaration of the federal republic in Nepal. The main feature of our republic is the establishment of a system, with people’s participation, whereby every citizen is equal by radically changing the mode of determining superiority on the basis of individual birth.

The democratic republican system of governance, protected by the constitution, is gradually becoming institutionalized as our social and political way of life. I expect that Republic Day will inspire all of us to move on the way to building a civilized, cultured and prosperous society by further strengthening territorial integrity, sovereignty, independence and national unity and achieving equitable economic prosperity. Furthermore, I am confident that this day will further inspire all of us to build socialist oriented national economy as envisaged in the constitution by effectively implementing people’s basic rights already enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal as the fundamental rights.

The government of Nepal has issued prohibitory orders in various cities and districts to control the spread of global epidemic of COVID-19, which has again become intense. Therefore, I would like to urge all to celebrate the Republic Day as a celebration of the victory of the people by adhering to the public health standards and prohibition rules issued by the government.

I would once again like to extend my best wishes on this historic day to all Nepalis for the inspiration and energy to materialize common national resolution of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ by strengthening national unity through federal democratic republic system of governance.

Thank you!

Saturday May 29, 2021