Rt. Honorable President MrsBidya Devi Bhandari’s Message on the Occasion of Great Festivals

On the delightful occasion of Nepalese great festivals—Badaa Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Sambat, and Chhath 2016—I express my hearty and auspicious good wishes for happiness, peace, and prosperity to all Nepalese brothers and sisters residing home and abroad.

Serving as the markers of unity in diversity and symbolizing common garden of people of all castes and religions, our festivals have contributed to create social good will, national unity, and common Nepaleseidentity by connecting our geographic, religious, cultural, ethnic,and linguistic diversities.The unique traditions of different ethnicities, communities, geographies, religious groups function as   our unparalleledcultural treasures, pillars, and tolerances.

In addition, I wish that may the festival now being celebrated–BadaaDashain –be successful in sustaining mutual fraternity, strengthening national unity and social goodwill among the people of different castes, ethnicities, colors, languages, religions, identities, regions, and communities living in Himal, Hills, Terai-Madhes,Mechi in the east, and Mahakali in the west by opening the avenues of equal opportunities to them all.

In the end, I express my heartfelt auspicious good wishes of BadaaDashain and pray to almighty Goddess Durga that may the Goddess bless us all to move ahead with positiveand good thinking and behavior, and may we move ahead in the campaign of building prosperous Nepal by preserving the political and constitutional achievements ensured by the Constitution of Nepal.

Thank you!

Tuesday 11 October 2016