Rt. Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari’s Speech at the Inaugural Function of the Silver Jubilee of Kathmandu University

The chairperson of this function Right Honorable Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli

Honorable Minister for Education and Co-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University

Ambassadors of different countries

Representatives of different universities

Founder members of the university

Faculties, staff, and students of the university

Other intellectuals and students

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to thank organizers for inviting me to the Silver Jubilee of Kathmandu University and express the best wishes for steady progress of the university.

I am happy to learn that Kathmandu University has been one of the reputed academic institutions in the country. Everyone should honor the successful academic community capable of establishing, operating and developing academic institutions that provide quality education. A good team is necessary for accomplishing a good job, and if such a team has unshakable devotion, transparency and honesty, the correct and effective results can be obtained in time.

While talking about education, we need to pay attention to its targeted groups and purposes. The education that we impart should be for the benefit of common people. People’s benefit should be our interest and the achievement of education. The fulfillment of educated workforce required for economic and social development of the country should be the aim of education. For this, education should be all-available, skill-based, practical, people-oriented, and scientific. People’s benefit should be placed at the centre point while conducting educational activities, making curriculums, and carrying out or allowing to do researches. Though the contemporary age demands education based on science and technology, it should also impart knowledge and evoke respect for one’s culture, geography, history, and national heritage. We should impart education inspiring the spirit of nationalism in the future generation. The state should prepare cultured citizens through education. We should impart education to our students teaching them to live with the respect for labor, walk with smile on a difficult path, and dedicate themselves for the benefit of people and state.

There is increasing tendency among the thousands of Nepalese young students to go abroad for quality education and employment every year.  From this, not only a large amount of money goes out but also creates shortage of highly educated workforce in the country. So, Nepalese universities should be able to produce most of the workforce capable of competing in the global markets and leading in different sectors. Therefore, our universities not only should be able to deter students going abroad for quality education but also develop themselves as destinations of educational excellence to attract foreign students thereby bolstering the national economy.

The state should always be ready to invest in infrastructure development and research activities to achieve expected results. As the concept of multi-universities is in vogue in the country, the universities by fostering healthy competition among themselves should ideally move ahead with the spirit of goodwill and cooperation. As universities imparting higher education stand on the foundation of school education, they should pay appropriate attention to schools, make resources and skilled workforce available, and coordinate observe, and supervise them. Making academic administration exact and efficient, universities should accomplish their jobs in speedy manner and should eradicate mismatches and evils appearing in the education sector.

Nepal is beautiful and we Nepalese are industrious and hardworking. We have courage, self-confidence, and ability as well. If we work with prudence and planned manner, we can certainly accomplish our intended jobs. Before us lie many problems and challenges. Such problems and challenges are also opportunities to prove ourselves capable of working and be examples for the future generations. However, as challenges before us are of difficult kind, our determinations and efforts should also be equally strong. Little efforts cannot face the big challenges, but if we make incessant efforts, the challenges can be overcome in a few years. We should not be discouraged and continuing the campaign of good deeds, we should hand over such campaigns to the new generation.

Our constitution has institutionalized federal democratic republic in Nepal. The transitional period is over and the political way out has been achieved. The next thing that we have to accomplish is the economic revolution. Only the multifarious development of the country brings about peace and prosperity in public life. For this situation to take place, highly qualified workforce is required in the country. Such a workforce is achieved from universities. Whether it is for the reconstruction of country after natural calamities or to face difficult circumstances and catastrophes caused by human beings, if we move ahead with solid plans and research by setting up immediate, short-term, and long-term aims and purpose, it does not take much time to develop the country.

We must create a unified society based on inclusion, cooperation and coexistence. Unity in diversity is our real unity. This country is a garden of all castes; hence, all should get opportunity to blossom. This is the necessity today. Necessity causes invention; every problem brings in solution. In fact, every country gets developed on its own efforts, and the development accomplished with the countrymen’s efforts only becomes sustainable.

In the end, I believe that the Silver Jubilee of Kathmandu University should encourage intellectuals to work for Nepal’s prosperity and inspire every Nepali to make Nepal independent and dignified.

Thank you!