Rt. Honorable President Appoints Senior Advocate Mr Ram Prasad Sitaula as a Member to the Judicial Council

Pursuant to the sub-article (2) of article 113 of the Constitution of Nepal, the Right Honorable President MrsBidya Devi Bhandarihas certified the following bills presented upon her Excellency for approval after the ratifications from the different dates’ meetings of the Legislature Parliament today the 4th October 2016.

SN Particulrs
1 Bill for the establishment, operation, and management of special economic zone, 2016
2 Bill for the amendment ofemployees provident fund act, 2016
3 Bill for the amendment of  auditing act , 2016
4 Bill for the establishment and management of deposit and loan security fund,2016
5 Bill for the amendment of  banking crime and punishment act , 2016
6 Bill for the amendment ofvehicle and transport management act 2049, 2016

Tuesday 4October 2016

Keshav Prasad Ghimire