Right Honorable President’s Messageon the Occasion of Vivah Panchami

I would like to express my heartfelt best wishes to all respectable sisters and brothers on this auspicious day of marriage of Shree Ram, the man of reverence, and Janaki, the miraculously born daughter of King Janak, in Treta Yuga — a festival mainly celebrated in Mithila Region of Nepal on Marg Shukla Panchami (falling in the month of November or December) as Vivah Panchami with great enthusiasm and happiness.

There has been a tradition that every year right from Marg Shukla Pratipada, the processions around the city of Janakpur, Phulbari Leela, Dhanus Yagya, Tilakotsav including other festivities are organized with enthusiasm and grandeur; not only the Nepalese people but also the large number of devotees  from the friendly country India come to participate in festivities in Janakpurdham.

In our country of rich religious and cultural diversity, the festivities like Vivah Panchami help to consolidate the cooperation, goodwill, and tolerance among the people of different religions, cultures, communities, and regions. Vivah Panchami enhances and renews the cultural relations existing at the people to people level between Nepal and India. In addition, the festivals like this have helped to enrich our oriental civilization and highlight the process of its development and proliferation.

In the end, I wish that may this auspicious festival reinforce the cooperation, fraternity, social goodwill, and tolerance among all Nepalese, and enhance and  strengthen the centuries old people to people relation between Nepal and the friendly country India.

Thank you!

Sunday 4 December 2016