Right Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari’s Message on the Occasion of Phagu Purnima (Holi) 2017

On the occasion of great Nepalese festival Phagu Purnima or Holi celebrated with delight, enthusiasm and  the play of colors, I express my hearty good wishes for happiness, peace, and prosperity to all Nepalese brothers and sisters residing home and abroad.

In our country of rare symmetry of racial, religious, and cultural diversity, all Nepalese celebrate this festival amid the play of myriad colors, enthusiasms and ecstasies by sharing happiness and entertainments. This festival fosters the spirit of brotherhood, cooperation, and national unity by maintaining social goodwill among all Nepalese people. It is our present responsibility to determine our journey toward prosperity by conserving and propagating such cultures and festivals celebrated in our country.

In the end, I express my good wishes that may this festival spread the message of new enthusiasm, happiness, and peace among all Nepalese people by scattering the colors of happiness; and may this festival inspire us all to conserve and propagate festivals, languages, costumes and ornaments, cultures and traditions of all Nepalese people by maintaining unity, goodwill and tolerance among them.


Thank you!

Phagu Purnima

Sunday 12 March 2017