Message of the Right Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandarion the Occasion of 67th National Democracy Day 2017

On the auspicious occasion ofthe67th National Democracy Day 2017, I express my hearty good wishes to all Nepalese brothers and sisters residing home and abroad. I wish that may this day inspire us all to move ahead imbibing the basic values and assumptions of democracy.

We celebrate Fagun 7 as the Democracy Day every year to commemorate the historical day of 7 Fagun 2007BS when democracy was established after abolishing the autocratic Rana Familial Rule. In the context of recurring abduction of democracy established in 2007BS, the successful people’s movements took place in1990 and 2007ADaiming to restore and institutionalize democracy in the country.  In line with the people’s aspirations reflected in all those movements, today we are proudly adopting republican ruling system under the federal democratic constitution.

By making appropriate evaluation of the ups-and-downs of the long historical segment and by being guided by its experiences and lessons, it is our common duty and responsibility to march ahead adhering to good governance, peace, and cooperation. With the periodical elections specified in the constitution, it is the need of the time to respect people’s rights.

In the end, while celebrating the 67th Democracy Day and offering soulful respects to all martyrs sacrificing their lives for democracy, I wish that may this day inspire us all to progress ahead by making democracy a way of life.

Thank you!

Saturday 18 February 2017