Message of the Right Honorable President Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari on the Auspicious Occasion of Dipawali

On the auspicious occasion of a great Nepalese festival Dipawali, I express my hearty good wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity, and steady progress of all Nepalese residing home and abroad.

Celebrated with joy and enthusiasm and lightings at every home, I wish that may this festival bring light in the countenance of all Nepalese, strengthen mutual cooperation, fraternity, social goodwill, and tolerance among them, and inspire them to open up the gates of prosperity in the country by maintaining peace and stability.

In the end, as we come together to celebrate this festival, I express my best wishes that may this festival of light inspire us all to march ahead in the mission of nation building by safeguarding the political, constitutional, and social achievements guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal.

Thank you!

Sunday 30 October 2016